Rise Against, Anti-Flag, Flobots 21/2/09 Portsmouth Pyramids



It’s been a while since I’ve shot in the Pyramids (last time was 2007 for Motion City Soundtrack) and I remembered the lighting having a heavy level of red and the enforcement of the no flash rule. Whilst the lighting was exactly as I remembered there was no no flash rule! Happy days! Flobots put on an excellent performance and brought there unique brand of Hip Hop to create a more chilled out start to the evening. They were a real delight to shoot with the two front men being quite charismatic.

Anti-Flag are a somewhat iconic band well known for the energetic live show and my mission for them was to get one good jump shoot. With the security giving us 4 songs to shoot them it wasn’t long till I got the shoot I was after, again a real pleasure to shoot as the band are really photogenic. For the last song the bassist jumped into the crowd so jumping on the barrier I started shooting him and managed to get the shot in the gallery.

Rise Against up last, and with the photopit getting a bit crowded now with five photographers and five security things were made a little trickier trying to navigate the pit as there was expectation of a lot of crowd surfers. Thankfully the crowd surfers were light on the ground for the first three songs, so my only concern was the other photographers and security. Rise Against like Anti-Flag are super energetic on stage and as such makes shooting them a real pleasure. Due to being able to use the flash I kept my 18-55mm lens on the whole time and had my ISO dialled down to 400. My favourite shots of the day has to be the jumping shot of Tim from Rise Against. The band are on tour in the UK and are doing a summer tour in the US with Rancid, I highly recommend going to see them if you haven’t already, such an incredible live band

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