Concert Photography Rights Grab


So it seems Coldplay are getting press for there latest contract for photographers. The BJP have an article on rights grab contract here. The argument from Coldplay’s management goes something along the lines that well we need it so that the photographs only go to the publications we’ve agreed too. They’ll argue that they need to protect Coldplays image and ensure the photographs aren’t being misused for items such as fake merch.

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Whereabouts known


So whilst I’m having this photography down time whilst I finish of my dissertation, I figured I’d let you know where you else you can find me. There’s of course the obligatory myspace at and I’m on the twitter at, With some luck I shall get around to posting new photos of Out Of Sight, Attack! Attack! and Colour.

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Always read the manual


So every so often I will try to impart a tid bit of wisdom I think others might find useful. Well for my first one I’m going to suggest something that I need to do more often it seems. Always read the manual first. I recently went to see some Camera tech’s and felt a tad silly when I could have discovered my problem had I looked at my manual. Whether it’s a new body, flash etc always read the manual first. I will be.



I’m in the process of writing my dissertation on copyright for photographers and the future of it. One of the problems for photographers looking to make a living out of photography is knowing the rights they have in their photographs and knowing how to enforce it. Todd Owyoung’s┬áblog is on my top set of photography sites to visit not only to look at his incredible live photography but for his incredibly useful insights and it just so happens he has done a post on copyright. For photographers wanting to know there rights (in particular in the United States) I’d suggest giving it a read and joining in on the discussion. Once my dissertation is finished I plan to put a fairly in depth post on photographers copyright, so expect that at some point over the summer.