Spencer Smith-Panic At The Disco, Photoshoot 01/02/2012



Before playing to a sold out crowd at the Southampton Guildhall I did a photoshoot with Spencer Smith from Panic At The Disco for SJC Drums.

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Portraits: Canada Water 16/08/09


Getting up early on a Sunday morning I head to a london roof top to get a few shots with Canada Water.

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Portraits: Amy Can Flyy 09/08/09


We interupt the ongoing Warped Tour coverage to bring you a recent portrait shoot with Amy Can Flyy! (Don’t worry, theres still alot more warped photos to come!)

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Portraits: Amy Can Flyy 28/06/09


I spent a warm (if a little cloudy) summer evening with Amy Can Flyy at the iron age fort of Badbury Rings.

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Cash Cash, Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms 25/05/09


You might think that since Cash Cash haven’t toured the UK till now the crowd might not know who they are but you’d be wrong and they show exactly what a party in your bedroom looks like.

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Dissertation- The future of copyright in the UK and Europe in context of photographers and photographs


As a final year law student I had to do a dissertation. Since I wanted to find out more around photography copyright law I focused on that. I started in December 2008 and finished it in March 2009 and as the law is ever changing there might be sections which are already out dated. Please note this is not to be considered legal advice, it is a purely academic piece of work. Also the work is subject to copyright but feel free to link back to it here.

The focus of the work is on UK law but it does also examine some US law as well. Reader beware like i said its an academic pieceĀ  weighing in at just under 15000 words so it’s not exactly a light read but if your upto the challenge then let me know your thoughts! Click the link to download the dissertation

Portraits: Canada Water-02/04/09



This is the second shoot I’ve done with the guys in Canada Water and was a very different affair to the last one. Where as before the shoot involved a number of locations indoors and out this shoot took place entriely indoors on a back drop of tin foil. The two sides of the room were coverd in tin foil as well as the floor, using some 50 meters of the stuff. As well as using my f2.8 17-55mm lens I also used a fisheye adapter added on to a 22-55mm lens. This was very much an on the fly shoot with lighting coming from 4 industrial halogen lights and one speedlite. Checkout the full set below: