Why it’s important to Back Up


Since being a photographer I’ve found one of the hardest things to do is maintain my ever growing photo library and keep it safe. This means being ready for every media creative’s nightmare, the drive failure. There is lots of backup options out there, if you are in the position of having a decent amount of spare cash then the Drobo range of storage options seems to be the way to go. However if like me your on a tight budget that isn’t going to be a financially viable.

I have 2 external 1TB drives one with my Aperture libary on and the other with a back up said library. You can pick up a 1TB drive from amazon for £74.99 ( US folk amazon have one in your store for $90).


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Always read the manual


So every so often I will try to impart a tid bit of wisdom I think others might find useful. Well for my first one I’m going to suggest something that I need to do more often it seems. Always read the manual first. I recently went to see some Camera tech’s and felt a tad silly when I could have discovered my problem had I looked at my manual. Whether it’s a new body, flash etc always read the manual first. I will be.